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        Shenzhen Watch Supplier Share Watch Basics

        Sep. 09, 2019

        Shenzhen watch supplier analyzes the components of the watch mainly by the six words of case, dial, hand, crown, band, buckle.

        1. "The case" is usually made of stainless steel and alloy, but also copper, titanium, tungsten steel, ceramics, wood, etc. Most of the case shapes are round, and today, the shaped case also has great appeal, such as square, rectangular and oval.

        2, "Dial" will generally use copper sheets, iron sheets as the bottom, and then attached a variety of processes: oil pressure surface, shell surface, UP surface, photo paper surface, sun grain surface, real nail surface.

        3, "handle" is generally made of copper material into the shape of arrow, tie needle, luminous needle and so on.

        4. The “crown” is made of copper, steel and wood. The form has flat straight lines, round head straight lines, and special-shaped lines.

        5, "Band" is made of a variety of materials, such as leather, PU leather, stainless steel, tungsten steel, plastic, silicone, ceramics, alloys, wood, nylon and so on. In the summer, the strap is mainly made of stainless steel, because it is cool on the hand.

        6, "Buckle" is generally made of steel, in the form of jewelry buckle, butterfly buckle, square steel buckle, folding buckle and turtle back buckle.

        Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer's basic knowledge sharing is here, if you want to know more, please contact us! (Shenzhen Hongliyuan Watch Industry Co., Ltd.)

        Shenzhen Watch Supplier Share Watch Basics