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        Secret Crown

        Sep. 13, 2019

        The crown is usually located on the outside of the watch at three o'clock. Used to adjust the time or to wind the movement. The prevalence of pocket watches was a period of glory. The original crown was only used for winding, at 12 o'clock. After the watch appears, the crown position changes to avoid conflict with the strap.

        According to the method of use, the crown is mainly divided into two categories: ordinary crown, also called push-in crown, screw-in crown. The first type: the ordinary crown can be directly pulled out to adjust the time. The second type: the screw-in type is also called the spiral crown. The crown is screwed. When the crown is rotated counterclockwise, the crown is unlocked and it can return to normal.

        Spiral crowns usually look more classical, and some self-styled patterns are designed to be in this position.

        From the perspective of shape, the classification is much more. The most common watch manufacturers are the onion crowns, others include fruit, octagonal, gear, flat-top cones.

        Another point to understand is that some crowns also have a retaining bridge, which is designed to protect the crown. There are also watches with gemstones on the crown, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds (emeralds), emeralds, and spinels.

        No matter the shape is different or the material is different, the meaning of the crown can not be separated from the control of time, may not be inconspicuous, but can not be underestimated. Engaged in the watch industry is also like the crown, no small details can not be sloppy, Hongliyuan watches for more than 20 years have always insisted on grasping the details, focusing on the details, you can trust the Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer.

        Secret Crown